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Husqvarna Automower

Husqvarna has a range of Automowers designed to suit every condition. The top of the range Husqvarna X-Line mowers feature the Automower Connect App with GPS theft tracking, GPS assist navigation, LED Headlights, rubber bumper and the X-Line body design.

The X-Line range has a working capacity of up to 5000m² with battery charge holding up to 270 minutes mowing time.

This automower range has something to offer for both small and large areas, all of which provide an excellent result. All mowers can easily be programmed using the user friendly display.

Husqvarna Automowers are designed to cut your lawn continuously, taking off just a few millimetres at a time. The small clippings will fall to the soil, decompose and become natural nutrient for your lawn.

Automower Installation

Sunnyside Instant Lawn supply and install Husqvarna Automowers for all areas. We set up your cable underground, program your functions and send your mower to work. We'll make sure you get perfect results in your garden.

Why we love Husqvarna Automowers

  • Your lawn will always looks great
  • No more left over clippings to handle
  • A mower that doesnt make any noise
  • There are no cords or fuel required
  • It will mow at night or in the rain
  • It will mow up and down steep slopes
  • Mowing is automated or can be controlled by your smart phone
  • Built in anti-theft technology
  • It can reach those small little spaces

To find out more about installing a new Husqvarna Automower contact us today.

Husqvarna Robotic Automower