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Measuring Lawn Area

Measuring your turf area is generally fairly straight forward, however, it is important that you take care to be accurate and double check your measurements.

To establish how much turf you will need, measure the length and the width of the area you want to lay Prepare your site and measure your turf areayour new turf. Multiply the length and width figures together to obtain the area (Turf L x Turf W = Turf m²).

If you have any unusual shaped areas you can divide these areas up into more square or rectangular shapes then add each shape together. Take a look at this short lawn measurement video for help with unusual shaped measurements. 

Sunnyside Instant Lawn harvest our turf in slabs . Each slab of turf is approx 0.5m². (2 x 0.5m² slabs = 1m²).

It is a good idea to order a few extra m² just to ensure you can complete your job.

If you need any assistance to measure your area we're happy to assist, just supply us with a drawing showing the shapes and measurements of your area. Call us or email us at your convenience.

Garden Planning and Lawns Tips

In most circumstances your lawn should be a major consideration when planning and designing your dream garden.

Before making over your garden and lawn landscape we recommend you draw up a plan or sketch that highlights all the different areas.

Gardens can have many areas to consider. Ensure you have thought about all elements such as your lifestyle, sunlight areas, shade areas, soil quality, climate, space available, intended use, pets and children and any garden themes. Being thorough from the planning stages will help you get the best out of your lawn and outdoor areas.

Put your creative cap on and remember lawns can be used to your advantage in many creative ways from small courtyards and roof terraces to conventional lawns.

Clearly mark out all your garden landscape features including lawn areas, garden beds, sheds, decking, paving, driveways and pools. Use measuring tapes, string lines and marking paint to keep the areas as accurate as possible.


Your local garden suppliers and gardening magazines are great places to head to for innovative ideas when designing a garden landscape.

Enjoy your new garden landscape and enjoy your new lawn.

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