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Mowing your lawn

Mow your lawn regularly for best results

Regular mowing is essential for the long term condition of your lawn and it's important to understand a few simple tips.

The first rule of thumb is not to mow your lawn too short. This can put your lawn under extreme stress and allows weeds to establish easily.

Spring and summer mowing will be required every 7-14 days for all grasses.

Cut only 1/3 of the leaf with any one mow to avoid scalping. If you're lawn grows a little longer than desired trim your lawn down in a number of mows.

In the cooler months warm season grasses i.e. Sir Walter Buffalo, Tiftuf, Nullarbor Couch and Eureka Kikuyu will require very minimal mowing.

Sir Walter DNA Certified and RTF Fescue is best mown at a height of 40mm - 50mm.

Nullarbor Couch and Eureka Kikuyu is best mown at a height of 20mm - 30mm.

TifTuf growth habits allow it to be mown at a range of heights. Ideally between 10mm - 35mm.

Sir Grange Zoysia if best maintained between 10mm - 50mm and looks great at all levels.

Tips for mowing your lawn

  • Mow when grass is dry
  • Mow your lawn regularly
  • Remove only 1/3 of the leaf blade at any one time
  • If scalping occurs, increase the mowing height to desired level
  • Offer advice on turf preparation and lawn maintenance
  • Sharpen your mower blades regularly

Sharpen mower blades

It is important to spring clean your mower blades. Check that your blades are nice and sharp. Sharp mower blades ensure a clean cut and will leave your lawn healthy. Blunt mower blades can be damaging and leave your lawn looking unhealthy and susceptible to disease.

Mowing new instant lawn

To give your new grass the best chance of life do not mow your lawn until the roots have fully established.

Your first mow can usually take place 3-4 weeks after laying. Always ensure that the mower blades are sharp to prevent damage to the leaf. When mowing only remove one third of the leaf blade, no more.

Mowing lawn under trees

Your grass will keep in better shape if you keep it slightly longer under shaded areas. Leaving a few clippings behind can also help under trees and we recommend not to mow more than a third of the grass leaf.

It is also important to avoid over watering in shaded areas as the water does not evaporate quickly in these areas. Pruning your bushes and trees regularly will allow as much sunlight as possible on your lawn.

Mowing TIP: Always mow with sharp blades, mow when dry to avoid scalping.

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