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Instant Lawn Varieties : Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo is the natural selection, a premium quality soft leaf buffalo that has stood the test of time. It has proven time and time again that it will go anywhere and grow anywhere. Sir Walter Buffalo is 100% born and bred under tough Australian conditions with excellent drought tolerance. It's a low maintenance lawn and a good repairer coping well with high traffic volumes from pests and children.

Sir Walter Buffalo has recently launched Sir Walter DNA Certified. It's still the same great turf you know and love, however, Sir Walter DNA Certified ensures you are purchasing genuine, high quality, DNA tested Sir Walter Buffalo and not one of the imitation varieties currently within the turf industry.

It's the best lawn type for shade!

Sir Walter DNA Certified is soft, lush and beautifully green. It has a broad leaf and a tight growth habit with the ability to hold out most weeds and can repair itself quickly when damaged. Sir Walter Buffalo will thrive in a range of conditions from full sun or shade, in extreme heat, frost or drought.

Sir Walter DNA Certified is ideal for that problem area, particularly if is shaded by trees, fences or buildings. It’s a great choice for The family garden, schools, parks and commercial areas.

It's easy to see why Sir Walter is Australia's favourite buffalo lawn.

Sir Walter Buffalo Maintenance

Sir Walter requires frequent watering until established, however once established it demonstrates a high drought tolerance and will use less water than other lawn varieties like Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu and RTF Fescue. During the warmer months 1 to 2 waterings per week is recommended. Watering frequencies should be adjusted depending on weather conditions and soil types.

A deep root system is essential to having a drought tolerant lawn. We recommend watering your buffalo for longer periods of time to help promote a deep root system.

Sir Walter looks best when mown every 7-14 days at a height of approx. 40mm during the warmer months. During the cooler months mowing will become less of a chore and you will only need to mow when necessary. Spring is the best time to de-thatch Sir Walter. Mow very low at the beginning of spring to remove the thatch (scalp). Ensure you pick up the clippings to allow for fresh new growth.

To maintain a healthy lawn with dense coverage apply a Lawn Solutions Australia recommended fertiliser 2-3 times per year. Otherwise, maintenance requirements for Sir Walter are relatively low, including maintenance for pests and diseases.

How to kill weeds in Buffalo Grass

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Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn Features Australia's Number 1 Buffalo

Eureka Kikuyu FEATURES

  •  Medium coarse bright green leaves
  •  Reasonable cold weather tolerance
  •  Maintains growth & colour into early winter
  •  Good resistance to wear and rapid self repairing
  •  Child friendly and pet tolerant
  •  Disease and weed resistant
  •  Drought tolerant
  •  Suited to most soil types