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Weeds are a common problem in lawns all over the world. The trick is to eliminate them before they've had a chance to spread further. Weeds can seem to be never ending towards the end of winter. The best time to treat winter weeds is during the winter months. This way you will have more chance of removing them before they germinate. Use our guide to identify some of the common weeds throughout South Australian and Western Victoria.

Weed Pre-emergent: Oxafert Pre-emergent is a great way to kill weeds before they appear. This herbicide targets weed seeds beforer they take hold in the soil. Oxafert forms a barrier that effects the germination of new seedlings! Find out more.


Dandelion, Clover, Marshmallow, Chickweed, Cud Weed, Thistle, Bindi and Plantain are all common types of broadleaf weeds. These weeds can be tough and aggressive and will germinate through weak areas in your lawn. Broadleaf weeds can be treated with a broadleaf weed control. Lawn Solutions Australia All Purpose Weed Control can be used to treat broadleaf and can be purchased online. Remember to carefully read and follow the instructions.


There are many types of clover that appear in our lawns and you will often find buzzing bees or insects flying nearby. Clover can often be seen in moist damp soils and there are many chemical sprays on the market that can be used to control it. Chemical clover treatments can sometimes cause damage to your lawn so ensure you purchase a spray that is best suited to your lawn variety.


Many of us find Soursobs appearing in our lawns during the winter months. Soursobs have a bright yellow flower which appear above the foliage and can be tricky to get rid of. The best approach is to continue spraying them every 3-4 weeks with a selective broadleaf herbicide until the growth period finishes. We recommend to avoid mowing your lawns and let the Soursob reach its full flowering stage before spraying.

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