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Autumn Lawn Care Tips

Autumn Lawn Care Advice

Nothing is more rewarding than a healthy looking lawn and as the temperature drops it is time to repair and revive your lawn. This is the time when you need to get your lawn ready to battle the elements of winter to minimise the effects of the cooler months.

It's traditional to give your lawn a pick-me-up in autumn to help it look thicker and healthier. With regular care and a few simple tips you'll have a place for your children to play and an oasis to relax in and be proud of.

Mow Regularly

Mowing is top of the list for important things to do to your lawn. Mow your lawn on a regular basis and keep your mower at the right height. If lawn is cut too short the grass roots can burn when exposed to hot sun and cause dead patches making your lawn open to weeds. It's best to keep your lawn slightly longer throughout the cooler months so it's better equipped for photosynthesis and weed suppression. To maintain a longer length lawn you'll need to mow less frequently, which makes this time of year an ideal time to maintain your mower. Sharpen the blades, replace the spark plugs, use clean fuel and make sure all your mower's parts are in good working order.

Remove Autumn Leaves

It is important to remove the autumn leaves that have fallen on your lawn as regularly as possible. Leaves can create a blanket which can smother the lawn and may provide a comfortable shelter for unwanted pests.

Aerate Your Soil

The hot, dry summer months can compact your soil putting stress on your lawn. Aerating your soil will quickly help strengthen your lawn and improve drainage. Use a fork spoke to penetrate your lawn. This will allow air and rain to enter the soil giving better root growth.

Eliminate Nasty Pests

One particularly annoying pest that is active during autumn is the lawn grub. Lawn grubs like armyworm, cutworm and sod webworm, can cause serious damage to your lawn. Keep an eye out for these nasty pests and get on to them quickly with a grub control. If you need specific information for your area talk to your local expert.

Feed Your Lawn

Fertilising your lawn at this time of year will not only encourage strong root development and winter colour, but also overall health and vigour. Depending on where you live, aim to take action in March or April. The cooler your region the earlier you should act. You should aim to have your lawn in peak condition by Easter, after that it's getting late for many areas.

Repair Your Lawn

If your garden has been badly affected by the warm summer weather remember that autumn is a great time to repair those yellow patches or lay new instant lawn. It will establish well before winter.

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