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1. Can I lay turf on sand?

Yes, we recommend applying organic matter such as Turfgro or animal manure. Apply this first before laying instant lawn.

3. Can or should I top-dress my lawn?

Top dressing should only be required to correct any unevenness in ground preparation. If top dressing is required, it should only be done in late spring or early summer with a sandy loam and no more than 10mm should be applied per top dressing. The tips of the leaves should still be visible after top dressing. Quite often a low mowing combined with fertilising and deep watering in spring will achieve the same results easier and cheaper than top dressing.

4. Do Sunnyside Instant Lawn install turf?

Yes we install lawn in the South East of South Australia. We also have an accredited Turfguy located in Adelaide servicing both metro and non - metro areas. Our Turf guy can provide you with professional service and advice.

5. Do you deliver to remote country areas?

Yes, we deliver South Australia state wide and Western Victoria. Transport permitting.

6. Does Sir Walter Buffalo come as lawn seed?

Sir Walter Buffalo does not come as lawn seed. It is only available as instant lawn.

7. How and when should I water my lawn during establishment?

Turf must be kept moist at all times until the roots have established. In normal heat conditions you will need to water 3-4 times per day for 10 minutes.  If hot and/or windy, more frequent watering will be needed. The turf closest to concrete and edge areas may dry our quicker, these areas may need more water. If the turf appears to lose colour during the first month after laying, watering has not been sufficient and should be immediately increased.

8. How do I measure my lawn area?

For square or rectangular areas multiply two sides together ie: 18m x 7m = 126m². For irregular sites divide up into smaller squares or triangles, calculate each individual area then add them together.

9. How do I prepare the ground and soil for laying turf?

Our comprehensive site preparation guide will you prepare your soil and your ground before you lay your lawn. Please visit our site preparation page

10. How do I prepare the ground when laying on clay?

Apply a clay breaker such as gypsum which will condition heavy clay soil and assist with drainage. A good quality soil must then be added.

11. How long does it take to lay turf?

1 to 1½ hours per 50m² (1 pallet approx).

13. How long will the lawn slabs keep before it needs to be layed?

It is always recommended to lay upon delivery. In the cooler months the turf may keep for 4-5 days and in the hotter months only 2 days.

14. How many square metres will fit into a trailer?

Single axel trailer can carry up to 40m², you should not exceed this amount as trailer breaks are required by law. Tandem trailers can carry up to 100m².

15. How much does instant lawn / turf cost?

Instant lawn prices vary depending on the best suited turf for your environment. Sunnyside Instant Lawn can talk you through the turf variety options and offer you pricing over the phone. Please call today 08 8752 0908 or request a quote.

16. What can I put on my lawn to treat Army Worms, Crickets or Black Beetles?

Visit The Lawn Store for a comprehensive range of lawn care products.

17. What is Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified?

Sir Walter DNA Certified ensures you are purchasing genuine, high quality, DNA tested Sir Walter Buffalo and not one of the imitation varieties currently within the turf industry.

18. What items do I need to finish my turf installation?

Starter fertiliser, Rake, Roller, Gloves, Shovel, Hose.

19. What lawn it best suited for shaded areas?

Sir Walter Buffalo or RTF Fescue are the most shade tolerant lawns.

20. What size are your turf slabs?

Each slab is approx 0.5m², 400mm wide x 1200mm long, 30mm thick and weighs approx. 5-8kg when dry.

21. What time of year can I lay turf?

All year round.

22. What type of soil base should I use?

We recommend a good quality top soil such as Turfgro, but any type of soil base from a sandy loam (80% sand / 20% loam) to a heavy clay base can be used provided there is good drainage.

23. When can I mow my newly laid lawn?

The first mowing should not be done until the roots have established and the turf can no longer be lifted. The first mow should only be a light trim, and never take more than a third of the leaf off in any single mow.

24. When should I fertilise my lawn?

Prior to laying, the soil should be fertilised with Sir Launcher Fertiliser and again six weeks after installing using a SW Fertiliser. Fertilise every eight weeks for the first twelve months. Once established, fertilise early spring, early summer and mid autumn. The autumn fertilising is essential for the lawn to withstand the winter conditions.

25. Which lawn is best suited for a yard with dogs and pets?

A fast repairing lawn is best. We would recommend Sir Walter Buffalo, Nullarbor Couch, Eureka Kikuyu.

26. Why is it cut in slabs instead of lawn rolls?

Slabs are easier and lighter to handle and endure less stress than 1m² rolls, giving you a quicker and healthier establishment.