Instant Lawn - Sir Walter Buffalo
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Premium Turf Slabs

Sunnyside Instant Lawn supply and harvest our premium quality Sir Walter Buffalo and other turf varieties in slabs measuring 0.5m². The size of each light to handle slab measures approximately 1210mm x 410mm.
Turf slabs are harvested on our farm located near Mundulla. Once harvested our lawn is placed on pallets and delivered direct to your home. 

By harvesting in 0.5m² slabs we offer you a product that is easier and lighter to handle. Instant lawn slabs are lighter to handleThe slightly thicker base also allows the grass roots to establish faster therefore less water is needed during establishment.

Instant lawn rolls can endure additional stress from pulling and stretching, where as, our 0.5m² slabs have been designed so the lawn is harvested and transplanted in its natural form.

Installing half metre slabs makes light work and is much easier on your back.

Instant Lawn Slabs vs Turf Rolls

Laying instant lawn will give you an instant transformation to your garden. We believe that laying instant lawn slabs will give you a much more enjoyable experience without hurting your back. Following are the benefits of purchasing instant lawn slabs:

  • Easier to handle
  • Lighter to lift
  • Slightly thicker base
  • Less water usage during establishment
  • Faster root connection
  • Quicker establishment

For a more environmentally friendly approach install your instant lawn in slabs.