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Autumn and Winter Lawn Care

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- Tuesday, May 09, 2023

Autumn and Winter Lawn Care

Coming into the cooler months – you will be sure to notice the slow down of growth in your lawn.

Winter dormancy is common in most warm season varieties, and although it looks like it’s stopped growing – it is still active!

There are a few steps you can take to keep your lawn looking healthy over Winter so it can flourish in Spring.

In Winter, watering your lawn is easy - only water your lawn if it needs it. However, in times when we experience dry winter periods, it is essential that you continue to water the lawn to keep the soil moist underneath.

As the temperature drops, it’s time to raise those blades. Mowing in Winter is minimal; however, you still need to raise your mowing height. Leaving the leaf a little longer will give your lawn the best chance to absorb sunlight & nutrients. It will also help block out those pesty weeds.

On the other hand, it also important not to leave it too long. Depending on the variety, it may only need mowing every few weeks. Be sure not to scalp or mow your lawn too low, as it won’t repair until Spring. Ensure your collecting all your lawn clippings & any leaves/ debris.

Upon a Winter frost, your lawn is susceptible to damage. While there is nothing you can do to prevent a frost, there are steps you can take to reduce the effects. Your lawn will cope best from frost damage when it is well hydrated and has plenty of nutrients. You can achieve this by monitoring rainfall, as well as fertilising in Autumn to add vital nutrients. Be sure to keep off your lawn on frosty mornings as the blades will be frozen and additional traffic will cause further damage. For those who are keen on their lawn appearance, a light predawn spray on a frosty morning will help maintain colour and prevent the effects of frost damage, by dissolving the ice on the leaf.

Colourguard Plus is a Winter staple for your lawn care collection. Not only does it give a boost of fertiliser, but it’s also a natural grass pigment also referred to as “lawn paint’. In Winter, some turf varieties may brown, Colourguard will restore the vibrant green colour.

So, can I lay turf in Winter? Yes, you sure can! It’s a great option to minimise dirt & mud entering your home. Most varieties slow down in growth, therefore establishment of your turf may take a little longer than in the warmer months however. Come spring, your lawn areas will establish properly and you’ll love the result.

Key Winter care tips:

The Sunnyside team are always happy to assist you & your lawn care needs,feel free to reach out to our friendly team or follow our socials for more helpful tips!

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    My backyard is looking fantastic and it's your lawn that is the showpiece!

    AJ | Bordertown, SA

    Thank you to you (Andrew) and your workers for contributing to a successful race track upgrade. Your work is of very high standard and much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you at the races, where you can see the track upgrade in use.

    Bordertown Racing Club Inc | Bordertown, SA

    Sunnyside Instant Lawn provided us with an grass option to complement our modern home. We chose Sir Walter Buffalo that has an intense green colour and its softness suits our children playing outside. It was a pleasure working with Sunnyside and we would highly recommend them to anyone considering any instant lawn option.

    Craig & Karen Watson | Kingston S.E.

    The best quality grass on the market - comes fresh, green & healthy and the customer service is excellent!

    Dylan - Devon Park | Devon Park

    Just a little note of thanks for arranging the delivery and drop off of lawn. We are busy watering it regularly to keep it looking amazing. Your customer service has been awesome and something of which you should be proud.

    Edenhope and District Memorial Hospital | Edenhope, VIC

    A house just isn't a home without lawn, right from my first enquiry with Sunnyside I can not fault their service. I was going to lay the turf myself but at late notice I engaged them to lay it as well. I am so impressed with my Kikuyu lawn and the way it has been installed, it's perfectly finished our new house. The only thing smiling more than us is our dog!

    Jake Phillips | Naracoorte, SA

    Karrawatta Viticulture and Wines would like to thank Sheridan and the team at Sunnyside Instant Lawn for expanding the lawn area around our office. The quality of service and the product delivery has been second to none. Thanks again Sunnyside!

    Karrawatta Viticulture and Wines | Meadows, SA

    We would like to thank you for the Sir Walter Buffalo lawn layed during our recent court upgrade. We can now safely accommodate the growing numbers of participants using the facility with increased opportunities to train and play netball day and night all year round.

    KNT Netball Club | Bordertown, SA

    I am so happy with my Sir Walter Buffalo, it is green, lush and beautiful and has added so much value to my house. I was more than satisfied with the customer service provided by Sheridan & Andrew. I was very impressed with the follow up phone call I received and felt Sunnyside Instant Lawn not only provided me with great turf but they provided me with a very personal, wonderful service.

    Margie Donnellan | Whyalla, SA

    The quality and condition of the Sir Walter DNA you delivered to Blair Athol was exceptional, best turf I have ever laid. Thank you so much.

    My client came home at lunchtime yesterday to check it out. She was so happy and excited, she couldn’t stop crying. It was the first time in her 45 year life that she had ever had lawn in her own home. Hard to imagine that, life without a lawn.

    Nick Kilvington | Director | Blair Athol

    We couldn’t be more happy with the service and the end result. The Turf Guy, (Jamie) was very accommodating in meeting the needs of our centre and scheduled a time to do the work on a Saturday, ensuring the safety of the children and the families. Lots of families have commented on how amazing the lawn looks…

    Precious Cargo Child Care Centre, St Peters | Adelaide

    We are very happy with our RTF Tall Fescue Lawn supplied and laid by Sunnyside Instant Lawn. The advice from Andrew & Sheridan was very professional and we would certainly recommend them.

    Rob & Trish Martlew | Bordertown

    Delivery was great! The driver called before hand and was very careful with machinery on the driveway. Turf was in amazing condition when it arrived and the size of the slabs made it super easy to install. 

    Shane | Colonel Light Gardens

    Sunnyside Instant Lawn recently supplied and line planted approximately 15,000 square metres of turf at the Bordertown Racing Club. During this project, I found Andrew and his team to be very proficient. All work was carried out on time, offering good advice regarding the proper care required to get the grass up and going, they also followed up the progress of the turf after it was planted.

    Sonya Lodewyk | Bordertown, SA

    I love my new lawns! I was so impressed with the team's obvious knowledge and thorough manner. They advised the most suited turf type for this area's soil and climate. Their prices were very competitive and they had my windswept wasteland looking verdant and established in the space of a day! The team at Sunnyside Instant Lawn were, at all times, helpful, timely and professional.

    Susan Dodson | Kaniva, Vic

    Thanks Sunnyside Instant Lawn, our lawn has come up awesome. Great product, great service, great price, what more could you ask for.

    Trevor and Sharon Link | Naracoorte, SA