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Winter Lawn Care Tips

Winter Lawn Care Tips

The cold of winter can often have a big impact on your lawn. It's a good idea to let your lawn rest as much as possible, particularly when it's very wet or frosty. We have put together some common queries to help keep your lawn in the best possible condition during the winter months.

Will my turf go dormant?

During winter warm season grasses go into varying levels of dormancy. When laying turf in winter you will notice that the growth and establishment of your lawn slabs will be minimal, but with a good fertilise come spring your turf will start root establishment and will thrive with the spring sunshine.

How can I reduce wear and tear on my lawn?

Wear and tear can take its toll in winter and your lawn may not start repairing itself until spring arrives. Be aware that your lawn is at its most vulnerable and treat it with care. Try to minimise usage by staying off the lawn.

Should I water my grass in winter?

Only water your lawn if it needs it during winter. In times when we experience dry winter periods it is essential that you continue to water the lawn keeping the soil moist   underneath. For those who are keen on their lawn appearance, a light predawn spray on a frosty morning will help maintain colour by dissolving the frost.

How can I prevent my lawn from frost damage?

There are few ways to prevent a frosted lawn unless you cover your lawn with frost blankets. Your lawn will cope best with frost damage when it is well hydrated and has plenty of nutrients. Keep off your lawn on frosty mornings as the blades will be frozen and additional traffic will cause further consequences. 

Does Couch grass need fertilising in winter?

Give your lawn a good fertilise during May. Fertilising your Couch grass prior to winter will give it the best chance to retain a good winter colour. Minimal mowing in winter will also help to retain a greener colour and a stronger leaf length for as long as possible. We recommend to give your Couch a final mow during May and to keep your mower blades high should you need to mow in the cooler months.

How often should I mow Kikuyu during winter?

Kikuyu is naturally a fast growing grass. It performs best in the warmer seasons when exposed the warm sunlight. Kikuyu will continue to grow for a few extra weeks after other warm season grasses slow for winter. We recommend giving Kikuyu one last mow towards the end of May. Remove all lawn clippings at this time to reduce the chances of fungus and lawn disease. Mowing will be minimal during winter, however, should you need to mow we recommend raising the height of your mower blades. 

Will Sir Walter Buffalo grass stay green during winter?

Sir Walter Buffalo holds its green colour all year round. Be careful not to mow your Buffalo too short as we approach winter and don't mow too late in Autumn. A good fertilise in early May will give your lawn the best chance to stay green and healthy during winter. 

Can I lay lawn in winter?

In most circumstances we believe you can lay instant lawn all year round. There is no doubt that warm season grasses will slow down in vigour and growth during the cool winter months, however, cool season grasses are still active and thriving.

When you lay instant lawn during winter discolouring may occur showing yellow/brown areas and the slab joins can be visible for some time. Don’t be concerned about this, your lawn will establish properly when spring arrives. For best results your new instant lawn should be installed as soon as it is delivered.

Why lay instant lawn during winter?

Instant lawn is a great and quick solution for many muddy situations during the wet winter months. Whilst many of us enjoy the warmth inside, you may still need to make a muddy area look nicer or reduce the dirt and mud being trampled inside your house. Come spring, your lawn areas will establish properly and you’ll love the result.

Can I lay Tall Fescue in winter?

Tall Fescue is a cool season grass that will thrive in winter, but can struggle in the heat of summer if it's not watered enough. It is known for its dark green colour, heat resistance and has a strong wear tolerance. Unlike the warm season grasses, we recommend a lower mowing height for Tall Fescue during winter. Keeping your lawns mowed low will allow more light through, reducing moisture and stopping fungus and lawn diseases. Clearing Autumn leaves and collecting lawn clippings will also avoid rotting within Fescue lawn.

For more information about lawn disease treatments and lawn care products visit our online store. Enjoy your lawn this winter!

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